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Services We Offer

Gutter Maintenance

Removing the dry debris and messes that often clogs everyday gutters!

Commercial Properties

Here at The Guttermen, we are capable of tackling any sort of job, whether it be residential or Commercial!

Need gutters installed or repaired! We are the team you are looking for!

Gutter Repair

Have pesky leaks that won’t go away? Let us handle it for you!


Gutter Guard Installation

For owners that are fed up with the cost and effort of constant maintenance!

Additional Services

Our additional services include Roofing, Window Washing, Power Washing, and Landscaping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Gutters?

Maintaining clean gutters is the cheapest and most effective form of preventative maintenance. Overflowing gutters can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short period. The Guttermen cleaning services complete hundreds of jobs a year, using specific tools and methods to attain the best possible service.

The best steps to clean gutters are:

  • Blow all sticks and leaves off the roof.
  • Clear all debris out of the gutters.
  • Check downspouts for blockages and clear accordingly.
  • Pick up and dropped debris and move it to a neutral area.
  • Blow or wash off any surface where debris made a mess.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Most homes need gutter cleaning services twice a year. We recommend once in the fall and then again in the spring. Trees will drop their leaves in the fall and a lot of pollen and seeds in the spring. Additional cleanings may be necessary to maintain clear gutters if your home has pine trees dropping straw year-round.

Signs your gutters need to be cleaned:

  • Water overflowing during rainstorms.
  • Debris visibly piled up in the gutters.
  • Leaves and debris accumulating on your roof.
  • Standing water in your gutters.
  • Water dripping from gutter seams or downspouts after the rain has stopped.

If I Have Gutter Guards, Do I Still Need Cleaning?

Yes, you will still need gutter cleaning and roof maintenance. No gutter guard will prevent debris from gathering on your roof and sometimes it becomes worse. There are homes where gutter guards are effective at keeping debris out of the gutters, but in most cases, debris still gets under the guard or piles on top.

The primary concern is water damage. When debris is left to pile up on top of the guards it forms a “debris dam”. Then water becomes trapped in the debris. It will rush back into the roofline instead of flowing into the gutters. This will lead to water-damaged shingles, roof sheeting, fascia board, soffit and siding. Regular gutter/roof cleaning will help.

Benefits of our Specialized Edmonton Gutter Cleaning

The benefits of our specialized gutter cleaning are two-fold; firstly, we use only the most skilled of workers who are experts in the industry, and, secondly, we use the best equipment to ensure that every job is completed to perfection. When it comes to cleaning, we do it the traditional way which will leave your gutters looking brand new. We have built a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients because our work truly can’t be beat! Whatever your home needs, rest assured we know how to handle it for the best results!

About us

We are a longstanding Edmonton ran brand that aspires to give our clients the best gutter cleaning services!

Our mission

Here at The Guttermen, we aim to provide services for everyone in and around the Edmonton area while maintaining a professional and amicable relationship with our clients!